This is the conversation Mona wants to have.




Mona is a new community-focused women’s magazine for women who live in regional, rural and remote communities in Australia, and is completely authored and produced by these women. We believe there is more to talk about than what the Australian media represents. We are not driven by profit, we are driven by women and our stories, and therefore, we don’t accept advertising. We want to meet you, listen to you and help you share your stories with the world. We will come to your town, offering a number of workshops in your region to help you develop your ideas, stories and art to then submit for publishing, if you choose. Mona Magazine Issue One was launched in July, 2021 selling out its first print run in a matter of months. The Mona team are due to release Issue Two in April, 2022. Beyond this, we want to see this magazine and the Mona community grow and we have big plans for the future. Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date with developments and how you can be involved!

Why is this important?

Australia, to date, has not wanted to listen to women, unless of course, we agree with what women have to say.

We don’t see women’s stories, as told by women. Their true experiences continue to be concealed, dismissed, fabricated and erased.

Mona Magazine wants to connect women from across Australia so we can listen to each other and learn from one another.

We want to see the world as women see it instead of through the system, gaze, ideals and future vision of men and their world view.

Mona Magazine is a platform to celebrate the diversity and richness of womanhood, their resilience and their wisdom. For women's stories to be heard, understood and truly valued. 


What will we discover of each other

​when we listen?

What this looks like?

We are going into rural communities and holding free writing workshops for women to awaken the storyteller within. We are there to listen to them, to build them up and offer them the support to share their stories.

Any woman can submit work to Mona Magazine, not just professional or experienced writers. All submitted work will be curated for the biannual print version of Mona Magazine and/or modified to publish on our website.

Contributors will be paid for their work and will have a say in
how, when and where their work is shared by Mona.


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