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Are you a woman* living or hailing from rural and regional Australia? Our Mona community is curious about who you are, how you see the world and what you have to share.


Your story is fascinating. Your ideas crucial. Your talents,


Mona is your space to believe that of yourself and of other women.

Our community wants to read your poetry and prose, your essays and insights into your unique experiences and those of other people in your community.




personal essays







short stories

anything that you think shares a piece of WHO YOU ARE or  HOW YOU SEE the world around you.



REFLECT on how you see life in rural Australia and how this has been shaped throughout your life. What is it that you wish more people knew about your experience in rural Australia? What are the issues that matter to you and your life in the country?


What are your interests or passions that get you leaping out of bed in the morning?
What are your fantasies or wild curiosities?


SHARE with us the stories that awaken your imagination or get you seriously thinking.


What are your dreams, visions or the legacy you wish to leave for future generations of women in rural Australia?


If you have an idea burning a hole in your mind but you’re not quite sure how to bring it to life, shoot us an email or IM on Facebook.


It is our mission to bring your words to the minds of other women who are waiting to know you and your story.

We can’t wait to meet you.


​*A woman is inclusive of the spectrum of what that means for you – all sexualities, bodies, expressions. If you are a woman and you have a story to share, we want to hear from you.



It is a daunting task to sit down and write! To help the process, consider the following:

1.Read what previous contributors have shared on our blog. This is a great way to know what we are looking for.

2. What do you want to say or explore? Be clear in your mind Stick to one or two themes maximum for your pieces and build from there.

3. Why do you care? Show us why this idea/theme/experience is important to you.

4. Why should our community care about this idea/theme/experience?

5. Don't be afraid to get personal. Use lived experiences from your life or others. Be vulnerable and honest.

6. The opening is everything! A reader will either read on or move on based on what you write first. We love this breakdown from Jericho Writers. Great examples, dissections and tips to improve.

7. If you have an image that you own the copyright on, include it!

8. Limit non-fiction to maximum 2000 words and poetry two pages.

REMEMBER if you have an idea that you are not sure how to develop, pitch it to us! We are happy to work with you to get you started.

Good luck!

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