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'Unsaid Wish' and 'Honey and Glass'

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Another talented Young Mona, Melina, aged 15, shares with us two poems she has written on unrequited love, longing and boys who meet sticky ends.

Unsaid Wish

I could compete forever, be still, shut up and love you.

I could dream of us together,

I could win you fair and square...

But still never be able to touch you, without stares.

I could love you forever and be your always.

But we could never show it,

because you're not a boy.

I could dislocate my shoulder reaching for a reason they should care.

I could die on that hill, and they would leave me there.

But no amount of guilt I could harbour,

could ever compare to the shadows that get darker.

The more I think of it, the more it grows

and the more I push it down, the more you start to know,

because you could always tell,

how I stared at you,

like your love would never sell,

I longed for you to return the favour -

I wish I could tell you what this feeling is.

Until then,

it will just be another

unsaid wish.

Image: Market Weekly

Honey and Glass

Do you know those girls made of honey and glass?

The boys stare quick and fall in love fast.

You can run and run

yet never catch up,

because you'll never reach their sticky sweet love.

The heart that shatters and pulls apart,

the girl who stares and leaves a mark,

the one who tries but is left in the dark -

and me, the one who longs for their touch.

She's the gentle girl you'd never hate,

the one who'd make sure you're ok,

the one who I loved by lost so quick...

and the one who makes everyone around her lovesick.

The unfairness she faces,

the names she craves,

the love from herself she struggles to find.

The compliments pile up in the back of her mind,

and you know she'd never believe you this time.

Her mirrors are covered in regret and shame,

the love she gives is glass - fake -

she can't love herself the way they love her,

she could try,

but you'd have to go first.

I'd never treat her the way you do,

I'd never look at her the way you look at her.

The ants are attracted to the honey you took,

biting and biting - she aches in pain,

because as I predicted -

you forgot her name.

Image: The Provident Prepper

This blog post was proudly sponsored by a supporter of Young Monas, Leonie Napier.


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