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Through Her Eyes: A collection of poetry

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Elpida / Elsie

By Zoe, Leeton

The waves crash. The world sways. My stomach churns.

Sweet Virgin Mary! What am I doing?

I breathe deeply and salt coats my tongue.

Memories flash across my mind in quick succession;

my village,

my parents,

my sister,

my brothers.


They called me the sweet one.

The one who danced freely, who sang so sweetly.

The despair came, the fear, war was here.

I wrench my thoughts from the darkness.

No, that time has passed now, I breathe deeply again.

Now something laces the salty air; Hope? Fear? Uncertainty?

Yes, all those things.

I place my hand on my swollen belly. I grasp my son's hand. I glance at my husband.

We're here, venturing into the unknown for something better.

Maybe there I will sing and dance again. Maybe.

Mrs Houdini

By Oumi, Griffith

Just got back from my trip

and can't wait to put my feet up.

I call for Harold, no answer.

I call again, silence.

Years of this and he still thinks it's funny.

Well this is the last straw.

Wasting no more time,

I'm doing my own vanishing act.

Man's best friend

By Sue, Narrandera

- and they're racing

Soft sable fur

- heading for the first turn

A cold, velvet nose

- rounding the turn

Snuffling for a pat

- heading towards the straight

Sad, brown eyes

-she's falling behind the pack

Crying recognition

- couldn't finish the race

Heart exploding with effort

- a breakdown

Broken hearted

- put her down

Cry good bye

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