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LEETON WORKSHOP: Recap and Reflection

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

The inspiring women from our Leeton workshop

Nine women arrived as strangers and left as keepers of each others' stories in Leeton when Mona Magazine held its second writer's workshop in the Riverina.

A mix of women from different ages and backgrounds with many experiences to share particpated with enthusiasm and courage to help leave everyone feeling unburdoned and energised.

What was evident from the start was the level of trust everyone showed in each other by sharing intimate reflections and stories of their lives. The level of responsibility each woman took to listen, support and empathise with each others' musings and thoughts was truly inspiring.

We stood on the sands of a beach in Greece with Zoe's 'Yaya' as she contemplated her journey to Australia.

Jennifer revealed she is the 'master of reinvention' and reminded us that we are worthy of all in life.

We sat with Deb as she poured unfaltering love for her family onto her pages.

It was truly an uplifting day being surrounding by an awe-inspiring group of women.

Thanks to Western Riverina Arts and the NSW Government for their support of this workshop.

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