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I am...

A collection of poetry from our Mona community exploring the depths of our internal lives and how we see ourselves through the eyes of others.

Sarah, Narrandera

The way she thought she was,

the way she had been told she was,

nothing but words in the air.

No longer beliefs held so strongly.

Ideas came to play

Like drifting music

Observing how to change her world.

To be safe within herself.

To be comfortable with her own company.

To amuse herself, to have found that freedom, that expansiveness,

so far from the ocean,

but out back

amongst the trees and beside the river.

Emily, Goolgowi

I am the yes sir girl

I am the grin-and-bare-it girl

I am the crazy, unstable girl

I am the girl you use up...... and disregard

I am the girl you laugh about with your friends

I am broken.

I am no longer whole.

I am nothing but a hole for you.

I am only useful for your gain.

I don't want to be that girl anymore.

Emma, Goolgowi

I am someone's daughter and someone's reason for lifelong committment.

I am someone's brown-haired, mummy's eyes little girl.

I am someone's "Oh my darling, you're just gorgeous".

I am the only child for so long,

I am the weird child for eternity.

I am the chubby child forever

I am the messy-writing child

- throw that shit away!

I am the party girl dancing

I am the drunk girl fighting

I am the younger girl kissing

I am the slutty girl flirting

I am someone's mother. I am someone's reason for lifelong committment.

I am someone's brown-haired, same eyes as my daughter.

I am someone's "Oh my darling, you're just gorgeous".


I'm the only-here-for-a-day girl

The abandon us all girl

The only five hours away girl

I'm the girl who's constantly justifying herself,

the five excuses for every no girl.

The people pleaser girl

The mask wearing, swallow-my-resentment girl

The no one thinks she can walk on her own girl,

The when will I be an adult? girl.

The wants no one's opinion girl, especially when it's shoved down my throat girl.

Zoe, Leeton

I am the quiet girl.

I am the laughing, smiling, happy girl.

I am the girl that will always be there,

I am the girl that will always care.

I am the girl who thinks too much,

I am the worried, sleepless, anxious girl.

I am the one who is so loved, but feels unlovable.

Yet, I am the strong girl; the brave resilient proud girl.

I am discovering the girl I am,

but for now, I'll remain the quiet girl.


I am the fun girl, the pink-loving girl.

I love kids toys girl

Bright colours excite me girl

but I'm not what you expect girl.

I'm the independant women

I'm the loud woman

opinionated woman

sick of being told who I should be woman

Simultaneously a girl, and a woman

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