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22 Ways to Improve your Writing in 2022 - Part Three!

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

I did hope to complete this series in January to ensure everyone was armed with a range of tips to start off the writing year, but the month got away from me! Hopefully the remaining tips in the series can get your writing cracking in February.

16. Overcome writers block by writing someone else’s work. If you’re struggling with your own piece, try a writing exercise like writing a short prequel or epilogue to a short story, novel or film you like. Bonus points if you can use the same features and style in your prequel/epilogue as the original author!

17. Play with point of view. If a scene or a piece seems dull or clunky, consider writing it from a different point of view, perhaps focalising through a different character or doing something even more unique and focalising through a completely unexpected entity; think Markus Zuzak’s skilful narration of The Book Thief by Death. Another great idea is to give the reader multiple perspectives, such as including multiple first person narrators or moving focalisation between different characters.

Image: commonsense media

18. Seek out writing spaces or companions. This can keep you accountable and it is mentally helpful to be removed from your ordinary life if you’re struggling to focus or complete a piece. Often writers groups have spaces to use available to members but local libraries may have spaces you can reserve or others who are interested in the same aims that they could put you in touch with.

19. Attend writers festivals. Whilst these have become a rare thing in the time of COVID, many of them have gone online or are back up and running in 2022. There are many fantastic festivals that have broad scope and many that are more specific (and some that are even niche) and no doubt there is more than one happening near you. Try and research it now, at the start of the year, so you know what’s coming up (and mark them on that calendar!) and have time to organise which workshops and events you attend from the festival.

20. Don’t underestimate the usefulness of thinking time. In the car on a trip or commute, in the shower, staring off into space. These are all useful planning and plotting times. Just don’t forget to put your plans into action!

Image: The Conversation

21. Always carry a notepad or use the notes app on a device. Ideas strike at odd times and in unexpected places. Be prepared to capture them so your best seller doesn’t slip through your finger tips.

22. Research! Not just for historical fiction, research the settings you’re using or creating, research the customs of the culture you’re representing, research the speech mannerisms and colloquialisms of the group that constitute your characters.

And lastly, my bonus 23rd tip for the year: submit to Mona! Our blog submissions open at the beginning of every month for one week, from the 1st to the 7th. We will announce the opening of our magazine submissions via our socials, so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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