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We are excited to open submissions for the cover of the second edition of Mona Magazine.


On the first edition’s cover, we featured some of the strong, amazing women that shared their experiences with us in the early stages of the Mona Team starting a small publication. We would like to now open up the opportunity to design the next cover to the amazing female artists from rural and regional Australia who are often underrepresented in our media.


We are looking for someone to share their story with us in a visual form to feature on the cover of edition two of Mona magazine.


Along with being featured on the cover, and an artist’s fee of $100, we would love to have a chat with you and include an interview with you in the magazine about your piece and the story behind it.


Our Mona community is curious about who you are, your experiences as a rural or regional woman, how you see the world and what you have to share. We are completely opening the floor for your ideas and creativity.


Please submit your piece as a JPG or PDF
with a resolution of 300dpi.



Additional considerations:


Nudity – We love the female body, but the cover may not be the most appropriate place for this representation. Please still submit your piece, but it may be recommended for the internal pages.


Portrait Orientation – The art piece we select will need to be portrait orientation to suit our magazine.

Cover Submissions.png
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